Helping people in the food business.

Food Methods enables food entrepreneurs to conquer the most anxiety-inducing challenges of being in the food business. Optimizing cost accounting, navigating regulatory compliance, and empowering you to make better business decisions are some of the ways Food Methods can work for you.

Cost Accounting Services

At the heart of everything we do is the drive to help food businesses improve the way they use information.

Food businesses turn to us to calculate their true costs of goods, perform break-even analyses, and prepare financial projections.

Pricing Calculator

Use our free Cost-Margin-Price calculator to help you set prices at profitable levels. Just enter unit cost and desired profit margin and it calculates the correct selling price.

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Regulatory Compliance

From FDA registration and food safety to product labels and recordkeeping - the regulatory framework that food businesses must navigate can be daunting. Food Methods can help implement systems to comply with the law and protect your consumers.

Foodakin Costing System

Understanding and controlling product costs is essential to any successful food or beverage operation. is the complete costing system for calculating the unit cost of food products by Food Methods.

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